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Herbal teas, spices and healing pads  from „Szent”Ábrahám” are the best quality hand made, luxury products in the Carphatians. From each tea bag and spice packet are radiating life energy and helath because the herbs are growen in Szeklerland and the products are made by a strong Szekler family that feels respect and love for nature and life.

The herbs and spices are growen by our family in our garden around an old manson in SzentAbraham. The dried flowers and leaves are packed in one piece without their stams in order to mantain the maximum agent quatity of the teas. The tea mixtures are made form medicinal herbs accordin to their agents, and we emphasize their taste, colour and also their smell to be special. The base of our products are medicinal plants and spieces, without any extra addings. The spice mixtures are made from recepies of the Transylvanian nobility. Beside the good taste, these spices also has good effect on the health because they contains herbs that helps digestion and supports the stomac. We tend to protect traditional spices wich  get lost during the time. Our healing products are special, because the herbs of our garden are mixed with local salt from Praid and also organic spelled husks.

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